The goal of ICA Podcast 9 is to provide insightful information about the industry to members and non-members of Intercoiffure America Canada. The guests will primarily be members of the organization, sometimes pulling from outside expertise that have connections to the group. Interviews will be weekly, lively, open, and topical to current situations. Topics of focus will surround BUSINESS, EDUCATION, and INDUSTRY INSPIRATION.

ICA Podcast 9 - Michael Belcastro

ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson joins Intercoiffure New South Wales Chairperson, Michael Belcastro, as they discuss the state of the industry "down under", where the industry is now, where he sees the industry going, and how this will affect trends!

ICA Podcast 9 - David Kinigson

ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson is joined by the author of "The Haircutter's Handbook", David Kinigson as they discuss his background and how the industry has changed.

ICA Podcast 9 - Frank Gambuzza

Today's episode of ICA Podcast 9 features one of the Intercoiffure greats! ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson is joined by former Intercoiffure America Canada President and Current Intercoiffure Mondial, First-Vice President, Frank Gambuzza. Listen along as they discuss how he started and a few tips from one of the best!

ICA Podcast 9 - Kenny Berk

With 46 years of experience under his belt, Kenny Berk is certainly an authority in the industry. Kenny joins ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson, to tell his story and discuss the next generation!

ICA Podcast 9 - Kati Whitledge

Today's guest is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and author. She started three beauty industry businesses, wrote her first eBook, and has presented nationwide all before the age of thirty-five. Kati Whitledge joins ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson as they talk about the value of her team environment and the difference marketing has made in her business.

ICA Podcast 9 - Woody Michleb

As the Global Creative Director for some of the largest beauty brands including Elizabeth Arden, Red Door Spa, Biosilk & CHI, today's guest has travelled the world performing, teaching and trend setting for over 2 decades. ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson is joined by Woody Michleb as they discuss his journey, mentorship, and what he is doing now.

ICA Podcast 9 - Richard Calcasola

Former Artistic Director and current ICA Member, Richard Calcasola joins ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson as they discuss his journey in the industry and experience as ICA Artistic Director.

ICA Podcast 9 - Scott Cole

You won't want to miss this week's episode of ICA Podcast 9. ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson is joined by industry icon, Scott Cole as they discuss the upcoming National Haircutting Month and his unique inspirations.

ICA Podcast 9 - Rodger Azadganian sits down with Vivienne Mackinder

Why hair? Rodger Azadganian chats with icon, Vivienne Mackinder as she shares her journey and inspirations on this week's episode of ICA Podcast 9.

ICA Podcast 9 - Rodger Azadganian sits down with his mentor and ICA Legend, Gene Juarez

"Talent is God given. Be grateful. Success is man given. Be appreciative. Ego is self given. Be careful."

Intercoiffure America Canada Partner, Rodger Azadganian sits down with his mentor and ICA Legend, Gene Juarez, as they discuss Gene's journey within the industry, why he chose hair, commission-based versus booth renting (is the grass really greener?), and much more.

ICA Podcast 9 - Terry McKee and Tom Petrillo

Today's guest has done it all. Distributor, mentor, educator, and CEO of The Salon People, Tom Petrillo chats with ICA Secretary, Terry McKee about Tom's journey in the beauty industry and the changes in technology. Join us for today's episode of ICA Podcast 9.

ICA Podcast 9 - Chad Cantu & Lisa Houser discuss the importance of networking and staying connected.

On this special episode of ICA Podcast 9, features two ICA Hospitality Committee members. Chad Cantu, proud owner of Chad + Co., father, and mentor, chats with Lisa Houser, second generation hairstylists and owner of Utopia Salon, about staying connected and the importance of networking.

ICA Podcast 9 - Luis Bujia on wellness and mindfulness

Our guest today began his career almost 20 years ago with Graham Webb International and has since then evolved from working behind the chair, to working behind the scenes at New York and Paris fashion weeks, to editorial work, and teaching the amazing journey of hairdressing through education and mentoring. Mindfulness and communication are at the center of his heart and his salon, Stylists At North. ICA Member, Luis Bujia, chats with President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson talk about wellness and mindfulness. You won't want to miss this one!

ICA Podcast 9, All About Cutting Part 2

Jeffrey LaMorte is back with ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson, Michael Haase, and Bernard Dugaud. Join them as they continue their discussion on their training and all things cutting.

ICA Podcast 9 - Roser Fraser on the importance of haircutting

Today's guest earned her advanced degree from the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Canada and has studied in Germany, England, Paris, and Italy. She is the owner of the world-renowned Hair Reflections Salon and Studio in Birmingham, Alabama. Rose Fraser and ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson shine a light on bringing haircutting back to the forefront of the industry.

ICA Podcast 9 - Men's Cutting with Michael Haase, Jeffrey LaMorte, and Bernard Dugaud

On today's episode, ICA President Sheila Zaricor-Wilson and Members Michael Haase, Jeffrey LaMorte, and Bernard Dugaud discuss the importance of haircutting as the foundation of their craft. Join us as we talk all about cutting.

ICA Podcast 9 - Jeff Holmes

Takara Belmont has long been recognized as the innovative leader in salon design and technology. Manufacturing top of the line of beauty salon equipment, Takara Belmont provides chairs, dryers, hair steamers, hair processors, shampoo back wash units, barber chairs, and more. Join ICA President Sheila Zaricor-Wilson and Takara Belmont Regional Sales Manager, Jeff Holmes, as they discuss new equipment and the trends he is seeing in the beauty industry.

ICA Podcast 9 - Jeff Grissler

Today’s guest is a seasoned veteran with more than 30 years’ experience in the beauty and hair industry. With extensive proficiency in sales, finance, strategic business planning, implementation, product development, and relationship building, Jeff Grissler has proven his position as a leader in the beauty industry. His experience in management, manufacturing, and business operations give him the insight needed to serve his clients and relationships with actionable advice and sound plans for the growth, sale, or sustained success of businesses large and small. Join ICA President Sheila Zaricor-Wilson and Minerva Beauty’s Director of Special Markets as they talk quality furniture and building salons.

ICA Podcast 9 - Stefanie Fox

Stefanie Fox Jackson is a motivational speaker and generational leadership expert who has spent 15 years building teams and educating leaders on the changes in today’s workforce. Founder of Canvas Salon & Skin Bar and founder of Salon Colab, Stefanie Fox Jackson and ICA President Sheila Zaricor-Wilson talk recruitment and how to connect with the new generation of stylists.

ICA Podcast 9 - Robin Graham

Having worked in Fortune 500 companies for 12 years and then becoming an entrepreneur in 1991, today’s guest understands the unique demands of both the corporate and small business arenas. She has taught and presented in over 22 countries and facilitated with thousands of individuals for personal and professional transformations. Robin Graham uses leading-edge methods & innovative, breakthrough technologies that transform resistance to align the inner mindset with external goals. ICA President Sheila Zaricor-Wilson and Robin Graham discuss wellness and how to better yourself from within.

ICA Podcast 9 - Diane Cole Stevens

Diane Cole Stevens has interchangeable roles as creative stylist, top educator, business entrepreneur and philanthropist. Armed with a business degree and years of professional hair care, business management and marketing experience, Diane used her savvy business acumen to create two of metropolitan Washington’s most highly sought beauty destinations-Cole Stevens Salons. Diane is a Global Ambassador for Nioxin, Top Artist for Wella Professionals and is founder of the Cinderella Foundation. Sheila Zaricor-Wilson and Diane discuss the differences in styling and coloring textured hair.

We dive into the deep conversation: Is there really a difference in coloring textured and non-textured hair?

ICA Podcast 9 - Ray Civello

Ray Civello, a philanthropist, leader, and visionary in the fashion, beauty, and wellness industry, has combined creative skill and keen business sensibilities. Ray is a successful entrepreneur, celebrity hairstylist, editorial stylist, photographer, inspired public speaker and coveted international educator. He has held titles as Aveda’s Global & Creative Director and V.P. of Education and in 1994, Ray established Collega International, a conglomerate of sales, salons and education. With his distinctive perspective and skillset, he has crafted an approach to hair unlike any other by truly factoring in the personality and appearance of every individual through coloring, cutting, and styling. Join ICA President Sheila Zaricor-Wilson and Ray Civello in today’s episode of ICA Podcast 9.

ICA Podcast 9 - Sam Brocato

With a career spanning several decades, today’s guest is one of the beauty industry’s leading hair designers and product innovators. Perpetually committed to uplifting the salon profession, Sam Brocato has authored a best-selling book, Beautiful Business, early in his career and traveled the globe sharing his acumen as hairdresser, artistic educator, motivational speaker and visionary. He has a long list of honors, including Editorial Stylist of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards from NAHA (North American Hairdressing Awards), World’s Top Hairstylist and induction into London’s Hairdresser Hall of Fame, among a myriad of others. Sam built a successful multi-location salon and school empire in his native Louisiana. He relocated to New York City, where in July 2008 he debuted Sam Brocato Salon, a thriving SoHo beauty destination. Join ICA President Sheila Zaricor-Wilson and Sam Brocato in today’s episode of ICA Podcast 9.

ICA Podcast 9 - Rodger Azadganian (part 2)

Rodger Azadganian built up a Seattle empire of seven salons and his own product line, AZ Haircare. He has worked on major fashion shows with designers Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, and Donna Karan, and was even chosen to transform an “Extreme Makeover” star. Join us as ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson, learns about the culture Rodger has created in Charlotte, North Carolina, as the owner of 8 the Salon.

ICA Podcast 9 - Zane Hagy

Zane Hagy owns z11 communications, a marketing and public relations firm that has clients across many industries, with a heavy focus on high-end products and services. His marketing and public relations philosophy is simply to be a black sheep, stand out, and stay ahead of the curve. He is an avid runner, with more than 85 marathons behind him, and serves on several nonprofit boards. Get a few tips on how to stay relevant during our current business climate with ICA president, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson and Zane Hagy in this week’s episode of Podcast 9.

ICA Podcast 9: Nutrafol / Dr. Melissa Anzelone

Dr. Melissa Anzelone is a naturopathic doctor and Director of Clinical Education and Corporate Wellness at Nutrafol in NYC. She specializes in nutraceuticals, botanical medicine, weight management, natural sleep protocols, and women’s health. Dr. Anzelone has helped countless patients for over a decade in the field of integrative health. Now, she combines the principles of naturopathic, functional, and conventional medicine in a new holistic approach applied to hair health.

ICA - Podcast 9: Rodger Azadganian (part 1)

Rodger Azadganian built up a Seattle empire of seven salons and his own product line, AZ Haircare. He has worked on major fashion shows with designers Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, and Donna Karan, and was even chosen to transform an “Extreme Makeover” star. Join us as ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson, learns about the culture Rodger has created in Charlotte, North Carolina, as the owner of 8 the Salon.

ICA Podcast 9 - Tom Kuhn

Today we welcome Tom Kuhn, accountant, former salon owner, and founder of a US-based business called Qnity. At the leading edge of the Intrapreneurship movement, Tom Kuhn, daughter Erin Kuhn and the Qnity team help companies leverage this dynamic approach to leadership, a much bigger and more powerful opportunity than entrepreneurship. Join us as we talk to Tom about perfecting the craft of business.

ICA Podcast 9 - Bart Foreman

Bart Foreman, Founder and Executive Strategist of Endgame Marketing Solutions, is always challenging normal marketing methods and emphasizes that your salon marketing strategy should always be adjusting to fit the current market, especially with the current disruption. In today’s episode of Podcast 9, ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson and Bart Foreman discuss marketing during the pandemic. Does this change the way that we reach out to consumers?

ICA Podcast 9 - Perry Monge, part 1

Perry Monge is an internationally celebrated stylist and guest artist, and serves as chairman of Intercoiffure America Canada Nouveau, which promotes leadership in young, talented hairdressers and assists them in acquiring experience and achieving success in their profession and in life on a national level. ICA President Sheila Zaricor-Wilson and Perry dive deeper into the importance of competitions and hands on learning.

ICA Podcast 9 - Doug Cox

Doug Cox is a “Dreamcatcher.” Unlike so many dreamers, he turns his dreams into realities. Having lived through the most incredible tragedies that life can deliver, he has turned these challenges into raw power and accomplished amazing things with his life. He is an author, executive, songwriter, singer, poet, and an inspirational speaker who has touched the lives of thousands of people throughout the world. Get inspired with ICA president, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson and Doug Cox in this week’s episode of Podcast 9.

ICA Podcast 9 - Karen Gordon

Today’s guest, Karen Gordon, is the owner of J. Gordon Designs, an internationally recognized beauty salon located in Chicago. A salon professional for 38 years, she works behind the chair as a Hair Color and Hair Loss Specialist. As a member of Intercoiffure America Canada, Karen serves on the ICA Board of Directors. She also serves on the Executive Board of Directors of Cosmetologists Chicago/America’s Beauty Show and is a guest speaker at industry conferences on creative ways to grow your salon business. Karen joins ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson as they talk about hair loss.

ICA Podcast 9 - Thomas Stauffer

With a marketing degree from Davenport University, Tom Stauffer has been a producer in the Commercial Division since 1991. In addition to Tom’s Michigan book of business, Tom specializes in the salon and cosmetology industries in nationwide programs. His clients refer to him as “The Salon Insurance King”. Are you sure you’re insured? Scott Buchanan and Tom talk about the ins and outs of insurance.

ICA Podcast 9 - Anna Pacitto

Urged on every step of the way by her father, a barber and entrepreneur, Anna has risen to the very highest echelons of international acknowledgement in our industry. Artistic Director of Intercoiffure America Canada, she nurtures her boundless creativity through art, culture, and fashion. She also performs photo shoots for Canada’s top magazines and takes part in the most prestigious fashion weeks. ICA President, Sheila Zaricor-Wilson takes a closer look at what inspires Anna.